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What is SSBEdi?

SSBEdi is a service which is going to improve the exchange of documents and data with your customers and suppliers

Electronic data interchange is standardized process of communication between two computer systems that provides exchange of documents between companies (trade partners) using a standardized format understandable for computer systems. The documents exchanged via the SSBEdi platform: Order, Order response, Shipment, Invoice, Invoice Acknowledgment and Inventory Report are developed according to GS1 standards. 

Communication process without SSBEdi

Usually processing of the documents takes more than 30 min per document!

Process with SSBEdi

Document processing is not done by operators and it is full automatized.
System provides maximum saving of time and resources

Benefits by using SSBEdi

Where is used SSBEdi

Benefits using SSBEdi

Where is used SSBEdi

Connect with your trading partners and save time and money

Our team will provide to you all necessary procedures how to implement EID in your company.

Download our PDF brochure What is EDI where the EDI concept is described in details or Require free EDI Assessment to get all necessary information that you need.

Our Clients About Us


GS1 Makedonija

GS1 Macedonia supports the SSBEdi platform through which EDI messages are exchanged according to GS1 standards. I encourage our members to approach the platform, which will increase their competitiveness globally.

Slagana Milutinovik 
Executive director,

GS1 Macedonia



SSBEdi has brought us double savings, the time for recording the invoices has been reduced many times and human errors have been completely eliminated.

Ljubomir Crvenkov
IT Director



The investment for SSBEdi is minimal compared to the savings we have with its use. We have more time to focus on other activities.

Metodija Hristovski 
Logistics Manager,
Nelt ST Macedonia



With the implementation of SSBEdi  through the Vendor Managed Inventory module, we have reduced the number of visits to our customers by half, travel time wasted and the fuel consumption.

Marko Kurtevski 
Cigarette Department Director,



With SSBEdi, we have reduced the cost of processing order. Our customers immediately receive feedback on the reserved quantity of their order.

Bozo Vucinik

Business Process Manager




After the implementation of SSBEdi, we have accurate and timely orders, and customer communication is made easier for us. We no longer worry about whether the price change has reached customers, that’s what SSBEdi does for us.

Dino Shkrielj 
Logistics manager,

Active SSBEdi Users

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